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Slowed down by the
same old?

Repetitive work kills productivity

When workers do tasks over and over, it drains time and energy. Meaning lower productivity, mistakes and missed deadlines.

Simple tasks eat up valuable time

Manual tasks distract you and your team from focusing on the things that really matter and drive the biggest ROI for your business.

Keeping a personal touch is hard

As your business grows, so does the busywork. This makes it hard to put your customers and prospects first to keep them happy.

Time to step up your
Automation game

Through custom AI powered automations you can streamline everyday tasks freeing your team to focus on business growth

Increase your teams energy and productivity

Automations don’t make mistakes or take coffee breaks. Automations are always on, taking care of the tasks that no one wants to do.

Maximise team resources

Streamline your business workflows

Wave goodbye to human error and inefficiency

Save time and focus on tasks that matter

Automate the busywork. Focus on what really matters, the high value activities that help drive revenue and growth to your business.

Leverage your team’s creativity and ideas

Pivot your team from tedious admin to high value tasks

Create new growth and revenue streams for your business

Win more customers and keep the ones you have

Provide faster, better, more personalised customer responses. Any time of the day with AI automation.

Auto schedule follow up calls for leads and customers

Keep track of customers and trigger automations in your CRM

Auto generate custom, friendly responses to enquiries instantly

Our customers say it best

We’ve helped a wide range of companies transform how they do business forever with AI

We recently had the pleasure of working with Alistair on a project to integrate Pipedrive, Clio, JotForm, and LawPay for our law firm. Alistair was an absolute pleasure to work with and was able to quickly understand what we were looking for and deliver it on schedule. Communication was clear and efficient, making the process smooth and understandable. The resulting system has significantly streamlined our client management, intake forms, and billing processes. Post-integration has been equally impressive Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their business operations with smart automation solutions.

David Boag



Working with Alistair on our automation needs was a fantastic experience. His knowledge and understanding of what we were trying to accomplish was excellent. I'd highly recommend him to anyone trying to solve automation and workflow issues within their business.

Jordan Bolt

Head of Technology

SIFT Creative

I worked with Alistair to implement automation solutions for my business, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Alistair's expertise in automation technology is truly remarkable. From our initial consultation to the final implementation, Alistair demonstrated a deep understanding of my business needs and a clear vision for how automation could streamline our processes. He was patient, attentive, and always available to answer any questions or address concerns. Alistair's attention to detail was outstanding. He meticulously designed and executed automation workflows that not only saved us time but also improved the overall efficiency of our operations. Thanks to his work, we were able to reduce manual tasks significantly, allowing our team to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. Moreover, Alistair's commitment to excellence extended beyond the project's completion. He provided thorough training and ongoing support to ensure that we could maximize the benefits of the automation solutions he implemented. In summary, I highly recommend Alistair for any automation needs your business may have. His technical prowess, dedication, and exceptional customer service make him a valuable partner in driving operational efficiency and growth. Thanks to Alistair's expertise, my business is now better equipped to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Cory Parks



Alistair and his team helped us save tons of hours by automating our most challenging and time-consuming business processes. I can highly recommend working with him!

Jan D



Before working with Tiny, we had issues spending days a week on our sales process and emails with customers. Because of the automation and CRM, we're now fast and efficient. We have more time to focus on growing the business and our team is happier too. They have less boring work to do now. It's a big win for the whole team. We highly recommend it!

Guy D

Managing Director

Green Switch Electrical

I just wanted to reach out to thank you again for the automations you've delivered to our operations team. I'm very impressed. The data uploads and email sequences save the team hours each week, and we've been able to bring on more clients. It would be great to discuss some more automation ideas with you.

Galav B

Managing Director


The magic you've done with our lead generation automation is nothing short of amazing. I'm still wrapping my head around the hours we're saving. Honestly, it feels like you’ve cloned our team without the extra office chairs! Your use of AI has us operating at a level I didn't think was possible this quickly. Seriously impressed with how you integrated, and the coding you did when Zapier couldn't handle our requirements.

Sam B


Lifted Metrics

What you get

Here's a few examples of the workflows we've automated. Pick and choose the ones that are most important in your business.

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sales automation

Sales Automation

We build sales automations so that you can sell more in less time, cutting out the admin tasks with AI powered automation.

AI-powered lead gen
Proposal generation
Automated lead uploads
CRM Triggered automations
Fill your pipeline, sell faster
Enquiry responses
Automated email nurturing
Reach more prospects
Cut out admin tasks
CRM Syncing
Business automation

Business Automation

Automate the busywork, so you can focus on your job, not moving data between tools. We integrate key tools into done-for-you automations.

Templated forms
Cut the copy and paste
Automated invoicing
Notifications in Slack
Emails and invoicing
Renewals and reminders
AI data analysis

CRM Setup

As your business grows, so does your admin. We'll help you choose and set up a CRM (customer relationship management) to close deals.

Improved customer tracking
Faster sales onboarding
Deal flow automations
Email sequences
Lead list creation
Less training time
More time selling
More upsells and renewals
sales consulting

Sales Consulting

We supercharge your sales teams with training and sales process consulting to maximise CRM efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sales flow setup
Weekly metrics tracking
Report creation
Automation guidance
Sales script creation
Jobs run automatically
Best sequences

Here are some examples

Don’t see your industry? This is just a small selection, book a call and we’ll show you more!

Customer Stories: Green Switch Solar

From tedious admin to high value installations

A fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated leadA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated leadA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead

Hours saved
Hours saved

Customer Stories: Green Switch Solar

From tedious admin to high value installations

A fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead generation system that helped Green Switch pick the best enquiries, personaliseA fully automated lead

Hours saved
Increase in sales year on year
Hours saved
Hours saved

Customer Stories: 


15 Minute Response to 30 Seconds: Lead Conversion

HydroHelp911 had trouble responding to customers quickly. This caused lost business and wasted money on ads. To fix this, a new system was made. It calls customers within 15 seconds of them asking for help. This system stopped customer loss and helped spend ad money better. It also gave them useful data and made the company more money. Read this article to learn more about how automation can help your business.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 

New York Law Firm

100% Automation of a New York Law Firm's Sales Process

A New York IP law firm was stuck with too much paperwork and was missing out on growing. They chose to automate their sales process, using AI to sort client forms, track appointments, manage legal documents, and handle payments. This made their work much smoother, helped them handle more clients without trouble, and made their team and clients happier. Automation changed how they worked, making it easier for the firm to grow.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 

Real Estate Law Firm

15x Reduction in Time: Deed Transfer in Real Estate Law

We helped a law firm by using AI to speed up how they work with Title Deed Insurance forms. Before, the firm did this work by hand, and it took a lot of time. Our AI system made things faster, reducing the time from 30 minutes to 15 seconds per form. This change made the firm work better and let the employees do more interesting work. Our tech also made it easy for the firm to do more work without getting stressed. This shows how using AI can make work easier and help a business rapidly grow.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 

Global Insurance Company

AI PDF Invoice Analysis for Invoices

Discover how our AI tool revolutionizes invoice management for a leading petrochemical insurance company, cutting down hours of manual work and achieving near-perfect data accuracy. Learn about the strategic benefits of implementing AI-powered invoice solutions that can handle high volumes of invoices with unmatched efficiency. Dive into our case study to see how automated AI invoicing can transform your business operations.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 

Green Switch Electrical

Winning More Customers in Less Time with CRM Automation

See how a UK solar company saved time and money by using automation. It helped them do their main work better and earn more profit. By finding, building, and starting automation, we made their business better. Automation also made ad spending more effective. It saved time for each customer and made work easier. With this, the team was happier and the company was stronger. Read more to learn how this can happen for your business too!

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 


How Automation Helped an Events Company Skyrocket Sales Velocity by 400%

Discover how Corporate5s, a leading UK events company, achieved a 400% increase in sales velocity through strategic automation and expert guidance from Tiny Automation. Learn about their journey from time-consuming processes to a streamlined, high-efficiency sales engine. Dive into the case study for insights on transforming your business's sales trajectory with tailored automation solutions.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

Customer Stories: 

Lifted Metrics

Tripling Leads with AI: Healthcare Marketing Automation

See how AI helped a healthcare marketing firm save lots of time by making lead generation and email processes automatic. They used to spend a lot of time collecting data and personalising emails. But with AI, each task takes only a second. This boost in efficiency lets employees focus on more important tasks. This results in better productivity, saved time, and more business. Learn how AI can solve your problems and make your business even better.

Hours saved
Tasks Automated

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Sell more in less time when you cut out the admin tasks with automation. Since 2020, we’ve used the latest AI technology to automate business processes and deliver exceptional value.

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You'll get a blueprint of the workflow. Then, we'll start building the automation. Throughout, we'll keep you updated with regular check-ins.


Start saving hours as we launch and continuously improve your automation. Each comes with a detailed guide explaining how it works, without technical jargon.

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Rapidly grow your business with automation packages

We’ve built a number of ‘off the shelf’ automation packages that we've crafted for other customers. Proven to save you time and money.

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Submit a G98 in seconds
No human-error or mistakes
Get your evenings back, instead of copy and pasting data

G98 Grid Connection Automated Form Generator for Solar Installers: 15 Second Automation Application Process

This package helps your website show up more in searches, making more people notice and trust your business.
It creates content fast, freeing up your time and money for other important work.
You get interesting content that keeps readers coming back, leading to more sales and loyal customers.

SEO Content Engine Automation Package Crafts Blog Posts Product Descriptions Case Studies

The scorecard makes it easy to understand data, leading to faster and better business decisions.
It simplifies marketing analysis, helping businesses use their marketing budget more effectively.
The financial dashboards provide clear information, helping businesses manage their money better.

Business Tracking Scorecard in Our Automation Package Simplifies Marketing Analysis and Financial Dashboards

Saves time and makes creating lots of content easy.
Makes posts engaging and relevant, attracting more followers.
Helps understand what content works best and customize it.

Social Media Content Generation with AI Content Engine Automation Package

Automates tasks, so you can do more important work faster.
Makes data more accurate, helping you make better decisions.
Organizes documents for better teamwork and quicker access.

Streamline Data Entry and Document Management with Our Easy Uploads Automation Package

The package makes training quick and easy. Employees learn more without wasting time.
It gives clear feedback. This helps employees grow and feel good about their work.
The package collects data on how employees do. Managers use this to make better decisions about teams and training.

Enhance Employee Tracking with Our Performance Review Automation Package

Quickly understand customer opinions.
Save time collecting feedback.
Make smarter business choices.

Automation Package for Customer Feedback and Automated Data Collection

Automates order processing, reducing manual work.
Minimizes errors in order management.
Streamlines reporting for better decision-making.

Automation Package for E-Commerce with Order Management Reporting and Automated Processing

Automates feedback collection, saving time and reducing manual effort.
Provides deep insights from customer feedback for better decision-making.
Strengthen relationships through tailored responses and improved experiences, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Our AI CSM Feedback Collection Automation Package

Enhances online presence, ensuring more potential customers find your business easily.
Provides deep insights, helping you understand customer preferences and market trends better.
Automates routine tasks, freeing up time for more strategic business activities.

AI Content Engine Drives SEO with Marketing Analytics Toolkit in Our Automation Package

Automatically assigns tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
AI-driven organization increases efficiency and output.
Streamlines workflow for smoother, faster project completion.

Streamline Project Management with AI Task Assignment in Our Automation Package

Automates monthly cash reports, cutting hours of manual work.
Reduces errors in invoice payments and expense tracking.
Provides clear financial overviews for better decision-making.

Automation Package for Monthly Cash Reports with Invoice Payment and Expense Reporting

It does the hard work for you, making email marketing quick and easy.
Makes your brand stand out, helping attract more customers.
Boosts sales by sending the right emails to the right people.

Branding Email Marketing Campaign Automation Package Engine

Automating tasks like CRM updates helps sales teams focus on selling more, leading to increased revenue.
Automated emails keep in touch with customers consistently, building trust and loyalty.
Using data from automated systems helps make better business choices and understand market trends.

Automation Package for Sales Pipeline Efficiency with CRM Updates, Lead Qualification, and Email Sequences Using Templates

It makes HR tasks faster. This lets HR focus on important things, like improving the workplace.
It helps hire better people and makes starting a new job smoother.
It saves money and reduces mistakes. It also helps follow employment laws, keeping the company safe from legal issues.

Automation Package for Recruitment with HR Screening Onboarding and Contracts Integration

Automation helps you do tasks faster, so you can focus on more important work, helping your business grow.
It makes your work more accurate and professional, leading to happier clients and a better reputation.
It makes growing your business cheaper and simpler, letting you adapt quickly to new opportunities.

Streamline Client Onboarding Invoice Feedback and Reviews with Our Automation Package

It speeds up document handling, leading to quicker decisions and more focus on key business tasks.
It reduces errors in documents, ensuring they are correct and legally sound, which protects your business.
It tracks and secures documents, giving you peace of mind about the safety and privacy of important information.

Automation Package for Automated Proposal Contract NDA and E Signature Process

Turn more opportunities into revenue with cutting-edge CRM setup
Equip your sales team with skills they need to smash targets. They'll learn to close deals faster
Automate to speed up sales processes, reduce manual tasks, and increase business's revenue

CRM Setup, Sales Team Training and Sales Automation

Never lose a job by responding to every client enquiry within minutes, 24/7
Save hours and generate high quality custom proposals for every job in seconds
Manage busywork and keep track of customers more efficiently with a CRM and automations at every stages of delivery

Solar Installer Sales and Business Automation Package

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