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Automation Packages

We’ve built a number of ‘off the shelf’ automation packages that we've crafted for other customers. Proven to save your business time and money. Click the links below to learn more.

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Submit a G98 in seconds
No human-error or mistakes
Get your evenings back, instead of copy and pasting data
This package helps your website show up more in searches, making more people notice and trust your business.
It creates content fast, freeing up your time and money for other important work.
You get interesting content that keeps readers coming back, leading to more sales and loyal customers.
The scorecard makes it easy to understand data, leading to faster and better business decisions.
It simplifies marketing analysis, helping businesses use their marketing budget more effectively.
The financial dashboards provide clear information, helping businesses manage their money better.
Saves time and makes creating lots of content easy.
Makes posts engaging and relevant, attracting more followers.
Helps understand what content works best and customize it.
Automates tasks, so you can do more important work faster.
Makes data more accurate, helping you make better decisions.
Organizes documents for better teamwork and quicker access.
The package makes training quick and easy. Employees learn more without wasting time.
It gives clear feedback. This helps employees grow and feel good about their work.
The package collects data on how employees do. Managers use this to make better decisions about teams and training.
Quickly understand customer opinions.
Save time collecting feedback.
Make smarter business choices.
Automates order processing, reducing manual work.
Minimizes errors in order management.
Streamlines reporting for better decision-making.
Automates feedback collection, saving time and reducing manual effort.
Provides deep insights from customer feedback for better decision-making.
Strengthen relationships through tailored responses and improved experiences, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.
Enhances online presence, ensuring more potential customers find your business easily.
Provides deep insights, helping you understand customer preferences and market trends better.
Automates routine tasks, freeing up time for more strategic business activities.
Automatically assigns tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
AI-driven organization increases efficiency and output.
Streamlines workflow for smoother, faster project completion.
Automates monthly cash reports, cutting hours of manual work.
Reduces errors in invoice payments and expense tracking.
Provides clear financial overviews for better decision-making.
It does the hard work for you, making email marketing quick and easy.
Makes your brand stand out, helping attract more customers.
Boosts sales by sending the right emails to the right people.
Automating tasks like CRM updates helps sales teams focus on selling more, leading to increased revenue.
Automated emails keep in touch with customers consistently, building trust and loyalty.
Using data from automated systems helps make better business choices and understand market trends.
It makes HR tasks faster. This lets HR focus on important things, like improving the workplace.
It helps hire better people and makes starting a new job smoother.
It saves money and reduces mistakes. It also helps follow employment laws, keeping the company safe from legal issues.
Automation helps you do tasks faster, so you can focus on more important work, helping your business grow.
It makes your work more accurate and professional, leading to happier clients and a better reputation.
It makes growing your business cheaper and simpler, letting you adapt quickly to new opportunities.
It speeds up document handling, leading to quicker decisions and more focus on key business tasks.
It reduces errors in documents, ensuring they are correct and legally sound, which protects your business.
It tracks and secures documents, giving you peace of mind about the safety and privacy of important information.
Turn more opportunities into revenue with cutting-edge CRM setup
Equip your sales team with skills they need to smash targets. They'll learn to close deals faster
Automate to speed up sales processes, reduce manual tasks, and increase business's revenue
Never lose a job by responding to every client enquiry within minutes, 24/7
Save hours and generate high quality custom proposals for every job in seconds
Manage busywork and keep track of customers more efficiently with a CRM and automations at every stages of delivery

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