Tripling Leads with AI: Healthcare Marketing Automation

Lifted Metrics
October 10, 2023
AI Cold Email Personalisation
Lifted Metrics
October 10, 2023
AI Cold Email Personalisation
Case Study

The Struggle: Lost Hours in Manual Labor

Imagine This: A healthcare marketing company, drowning in a sea of manual tasks. Every week, their team spent 33 hours on laborious, repetitive work—collecting data, personalizing emails. In a year, this equates to a staggering 1,726 hours. Time that could have been spent on strategic growth, innovation, and client engagement, lost to mundane activities.

The Turning Point: Embracing Automation

Now Picture This: Those same hours, liberated. A team free from the chains of tedious tasks, now engaged in creative and strategic endeavors, driving the business forward.

Here's How We Changed Their World

Discovery Phase: Unearthing the Challenges
  • We didn't just look at the surface. We delved into the depths of their processes, identifying critical areas where time and effort were being needlessly expended. By employing advanced task prioritization tools, we pinpointed the most impactful tasks for automation.

Development Phase: Crafting the Perfect Solution
  • Our approach wasn’t just technical; it was personal. We designed a custom automation system that fit the agency like a glove. Through detailed flow diagrams and collaborative planning, we ensured that every step of the process was tailored to their unique needs.

Deployment Phase: Bringing the Vision to Life
  • Deployment wasn’t the end, but a new beginning. We didn’t just implement the solution; we equipped the agency with the knowledge and tools to adapt and evolve with it. This final phase was about empowerment and future-proofing their operations.

The Results: A Paradigm Shift in Efficiency

Lead Generation Revolutionized
  • The once arduous task of generating leads, which took five minutes per entry, was now accomplished in an astonishing one second. This wasn’t just time-saving; it was a complete overhaul of productivity.

Personalized Email Marketing Reimagined
  • The introduction lines for their emails, previously a time-consuming task of personalization, were now crafted instantly, thanks to the integration of AI technologies like OpenAI GPT4. These AI-generated lines weren’t just fast; they were more effective and engaging than ever before.

The Impact: Beyond Efficiency

  • The result was an efficiency increase of 10 times the original rate.
  • The agency reclaimed 1,726 hours per year, redirecting them to more impactful and strategic initiatives.
  • The transformation allowed for a leaner team, capable of achieving more with less.

Conclusion: Your Turn to Embrace the Future

Ready for a Revolution in Your Business?

  • Let’s chat. Book a call with us today, and start your journey towards unparalleled efficiency and growth. Remember, every hour saved is an hour earned for innovation, creativity, and business development.

The results


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Increase in sales year on year

Before Automation

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After Automation

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Here's what the customer said

"The magic you've done with our lead generation automation is nothing short of amazing. I'm still wrapping my head around the hours we're saving. Honestly, it feels like you’ve cloned our team without the extra office chairs! Your use of AI has us operating at a level I didn't think was possible this quickly. Seriously impressed with how you integrated, and the coding you did when Zapier couldn't handle our requirements."

Samuel B

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