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Green Switch Electrical
August 24, 2023
Sales and Delivery Automation
Green Switch Electrical
August 24, 2023
Sales and Delivery Automation
Case Study

The Challenge: Burdened by Time-Consuming Tasks

In the dynamic world of solar installations, a prominent UK company found themselves hindered by essential, yet exhaustive tasks. These routine activities, crucial for operation, were impeding their core work. The looming decision: hire an assistant for a substantial £35,000 a year, or seek an innovative solution.

The Turning Point: Choosing Automation

The company chose a path less traveled but more rewarding: Automation. This decision not only saved them £35,000 annually but also liberated over 830 hours of labor, contributing significantly to an increase of over £200,000 in revenue.

The Journey to Efficiency

Stage 1: Discovery

Identifying the critical yet time-intensive tasks was the first milestone. We harnessed specialized tools to pinpoint these tasks and devised a strategy incorporating the prowess of OpenAI GPT-4.

Stage 2: Development

We mapped the automation landscape with a comprehensive flow diagram, ensuring every step resonated with the client's needs. This phase was about meticulous crafting and collaboration.

Stage 3: Deployment

The climax of our journey - bringing the automation system to life, fine-tuning it to the client's unique ecosystem, and empowering them with the knowledge to drive it forward.

The Results: A Symphony of Efficiency and Growth

Instant Response, Lasting Impact

The automation of lead nurturing transformed customer interactions. Immediate, AI-driven personalized responses with brochures kept customers engaged, effectively utilizing the Google ad spend of nearly £9 per click.

Scheduling and Job Creation: Streamlined

The system's ability to schedule callbacks and create customer job folders instantly saved an additional 30 minutes per customer, streamlining the process remarkably.

Proposal Generation: A Breeze

Generating custom proposals, complete with pricing and installation details, became a task of minutes. An impressive two hours per customer were saved, heightening productivity.

The Conclusion: More Than Just Savings

This transformation wasn't just about saving £35,000 or 830 hours. It was about unlocking the company's full potential, elevating them from good to extraordinary in the solar industry.

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Here's what the customer said

"Before working with Tiny, we had issues spending days a week on our sales process and emails with customers. Because of the automation and CRM, we're now fast and efficient. We have more time to focus on growing the business and our team is happier too. They have less boring work to do now. It's a big win for the whole team. We highly recommend it!"

Guy D

Managing Director, Green Switch

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