How Automation Helped an Events Company Skyrocket Sales Velocity by 400%

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Case Study

How Automation Helped an Events Company Skyrocket Sales Velocity by 400%

The Game-Changing Strategy for Corporate5s

In the fast-paced world of corporate sports events, the ability to quickly close sales can make or break a company. Corporate5s, the UK's leading provider of corporate sports events, was no stranger to this pressure. Despite their position in the market, they faced a common challenge that kept them from realizing their full potential: their sales velocity was not keeping pace with their ambition.

Before the Digital Overhaul: Corporate5s's Hurdles

Corporate5s’s initial sales process was a tangle of manual tasks and disjointed systems. It was clear that their current methods were holding them back. They were spending too much time on each sale, which was affecting their overall productivity and ability to scale. With a growing demand for their services, they needed a robust system to manage customer relationships and automate their invoicing, but their existing setup was far from capable.

The need for a digital overhaul was evident. To meet the rising demand and stay ahead of the competition, Corporate5s had to embrace a sales process that was faster, more efficient, and more scalable. This meant looking beyond traditional methods and considering solutions like CRM implementation services and automated invoicing solutions. But to make this leap, they needed a partner who could guide them through the transformation—a partner like Tiny Automation.

The Turning Point: Sales Process Automation

Recognizing the need for change, Corporate5s reached out for expert assistance. They sought to streamline their sales process, from the initial lead to the final invoice. It was time to automate data collection and manage customer relationships more effectively. Tiny Automation stepped in with a plan to map Corporate5s's entire sales process, identifying areas where automation could not only save time but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Stay tuned as we delve into how Tiny Automation crafted a strategic blueprint that would revolutionize Corporate5s’s sales process and set them on a path to unprecedented growth.

Tiny Automation's Strategic Blueprint

Tiny Automation's expertise shone when it came to designing a tailored solution for Corporate5s. The team began by developing a detailed project plan. This plan would serve as a roadmap, guiding the transition towards a fully automated sales process.

Project Plan and ROI Analysis

  • A thorough analysis of the current sales process pinpointed bottlenecks and time-wasters
  • Potential solutions were evaluated for their time-saving benefits and impact on sales velocity
  • A clear ROI analysis showed Corporate5s the time and resources they would save post-implementation
  • Planned Integrations

    Tiny Automation's strategy included a suite of integrations that promised to transform Corporate5s's sales process:

  • PandaDoc Proposal Automation: To speed up proposal creation and delivery
  • CRM and Invoicing Integration: To synchronize sales data and streamline billing
  • Lead Management Automation: For swift and effective lead nurturing
  • These integrations were not just about bringing in new software. They were about creating a cohesive system that would work seamlessly to enhance Corporate5s’s sales workflow.

    Building a High-Velocity Sales Engine

    With the strategic blueprint in place, it was time to put the plan into action. Tiny Automation developed a set of powerful tools and processes to supercharge Corporate5s's sales engine.

    Development of Email Templates and Nurturing Sequences

  • Tailored email templates saved time and ensured consistent communication
  • Automated nurturing sequences kept leads warm and moved them through the pipeline efficiently
  • Business Process Automation and Lead Management

  • Automation tools took over repetitive tasks, freeing up the sales team to focus on closing deals
  • Enhanced lead management practices ensured that no opportunity was missed
  • This meticulous approach to implementation laid the groundwork for a revolutionized sales process that was ready to be put to the test. In the next section, we will explore how training and adaptation played a crucial role in maximizing the potential of these new systems.

    Training and Adaptation: Sales Efficiency

    The success of any new system relies heavily on the people using it. Tiny Automation knew that for Corporate5s to reap the full benefits of the digital sales transformation, the team needed to be well-versed in the new tools and processes. Training became a critical component of the implementation phase.

    The training program was comprehensive, covering every aspect of the new sales workflow. Corporate5s's staff learned how to navigate the CRM platform, manage leads effectively, and use the automated invoicing solutions. They practiced creating proposals with PandaDoc proposal automation software and honed their skills in utilizing the email templates and nurturing sequences.

    Equally important was the focus on enhanced sales tracking. The team learned how to use the new system to track every interaction, allowing for more informed follow-ups and a clearer view of the sales pipeline. The CRM and invoicing integration provided the sales team with real-time access to customer data and financials, enabling better decision-making and a smoother sales process.

    The transformation wasn't just about adopting new technology; it was about embracing a new mindset. Corporate5s's team began to see the value in automation and how it could free them to concentrate on building relationships and closing deals, rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

    As the Corporate5s team grew more confident in using the cloud-based sales solutions, they started to experience the kind of efficiency that had once seemed out of reach. In the following section, we will reveal the impressive results that Corporate5s achieved through their partnership with Tiny Automation.

    A New Era of Sales Success for Corporate5s

    The impact of the sales process automation was nothing short of remarkable. Corporate5s witnessed a 400% increase in sales velocity, an outcome that speaks volumes about the power of digital transformation. The team now spends 82% less time on each sale, thanks to the streamlined processes and automation tools provided by Tiny Automation.

    The optimized email templates led to higher conversion rates, while the robust lead management system allowed Corporate5s to handle three times more volume than before. With the ability to move clients through the sales pipeline more quickly, the company was selling more in less time—and without the need to expand their staff.

    Why Tiny Automation is the Architect of Sales Transformation

    Tiny Automation's approach to sales proposal automation software and digital sales transformation is unique. They don't just implement systems; they tailor solutions to fit the intricate needs of their clients. Their customer-centric methods and comprehensive training ensure that the sales teams they work with are not just prepared but proficient in their new digital environment.

    Continued Growth and Innovation

    The benefits Corporate5s has seen are just the beginning. With sales efficiency continuously improving, the company is well-positioned for sustained growth and innovation. As they look to the future, the partnership with Tiny Automation remains a pivotal part of their strategy for success.

    Increase Sales Trajectory with Tiny Automation

    Corporate5s's journey from a cumbersome sales process to a high-velocity sales engine is a testament to the transformative power of automation and strategic planning. Tiny Automation played a pivotal role in this success story, showcasing their expertise in creating bespoke automation solutions that deliver real results.

    Interested in Transforming Your Sales Process?

    For business owners looking to revolutionize their sales processes, Tiny Automation offers the guidance and tools needed to achieve similar success. Reach out to discover how their sales process mapping can redefine your sales trajectory and lead you to a future where increased efficiency and growth are within reach. Contact Tiny Automation today to begin your journey toward a more productive and profitable tomorrow.

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    Here's what the customer said

    I run a Corporate 5-a-side business and my processes have been quite manual and admin heavy, taking up a huge amount of my time. I brought Ali on board to take a look at my business and to see where he could streamline and automate my processes. It's fair to say that the work that he's done has hugely exceeded my expectations and will be transformational for my business. He's simplified my sales process and reduced the contact time needed for on boarding new teams. Almost the whole process from receiving a lead to receiving payment is now automated - saving me a huge amount of time and allowing me more time to focus on sales. Would highly recommend working with Ali and his team!

    Duncan Scott


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