8 Sales Automations Sales Reps can use to 3x Close Rate and Save Hours

Gary P
October 8, 2023
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8 Sales Automations Sales Reps can use to 3x Close Rate and Save Hours

8 Sales Automations Sales Reps can use to 2x Close Rate and Save Hours

The average sales rep spends only about 36% of their time actually selling. Automation can help.

Here's 8 Sales Automations Sales Reps can use to 3x Close Rate and Save Hours

Repetitive work slows down sales teams. It's hurting sales and growth.

This problem is using up resources and makes salespeople unhappy. It also causes more people to leave the job, which isn't good for the business.

Sales automation means less repeating work. It helps sales teams work better, keeps them happy, and fewer people leave their job. That's good for growth and helps the business feel stable.

1. Flake Email Sequencing

Tired of juggling multiple clients and following up with low response rate leads?

An automated flake sequence system takes off the load.

It ensures consistency, personalized communication, and a much-improved conversion rate.

Now you can give your undivided attention to hot prospects and customers.

2. Ghost Email Sequencing

Disappearing acts by potential clients putting a dent in your productivity and morale?

Automated ghost sequences re-engage these frustrating disappearances.

The system frees up your valuable time to focus on promising clients and helps recover your lost revenue.

3. Streamline Follow-up Reminders

Forgetfulness causing lost business opportunities?

Lead follow-ups won't slip through your fingers any longer.

Automating follow-up reminders ensures that you communicate on time with every client, enhancing overall customer experience and relationships.

4. Custom Proposal Generation

Fed up with delayed sales processes due to time-consuming proposal creation?

Proposal generation automation allows lightning-fast, accurate proposals.

It helps speed up your sales cycles, enhance customer satisfaction, and let you focus on other important tasks.

5. Automated Contract Generation

Do slow contracts cramp up your closing deals?

Automating contract generation provides quick, error-free contracts.

Say good-bye to deal delays and run your business smoothly with faster deal closures and increased work efficiency.

6. Instant Enquiry Form Response

Overwhelmed with managing an influx of inquiry forms?

An automated response system ensures you reply promptly and handle any prospect request, enhancing customer satisfaction and freeing up more time for you to be productive elsewhere.

7. Organized Folder Creation

Is cluttered folders costing you time and efficiency?

Automated folder creation can help. Triggering auto folder creation in Google or OneDrive, when you qualify the lead.

Not only does it reduce the risk of lost documents, but it bumps up your organization and productivity.

8. Seamless CRM Automation

Data entry tasks bogging you down? Struggling to sync everything?

With CRM automation, you can stop worrying about manual information updates.

Better decision-making, customer engagement, and a productive workday are a few benefits you can achieve while focusing more on selling and less on data input.

Do you feel overwhelmed by small but essential tasks in your sales process?

Meet Tiny Automation.

We make these tasks easier for you.

We are experts at setting up CRM and sales automations.

This helps your team save time and do more effective work, this means more revenue for you and less stress for your team.

Your team can focus on what they do best: SELLING!

Want to see the difference automation makes? Contact us today.

Get your sales process moving faster and better. Say hello to growth and goodbye to pain. Don't wait!

Book a free automation discovery call now!

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