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10 tasks Solar Panel Installers can automate to save 100+ hours per week

Alistair D
September 10, 2023
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10 tasks Solar Panel Installers can automate to save 100+ hours per week

10 tasks Solar Panel Installers can automate to save 100+ hours per week

As a solar business owner, you spend lots of time on repetitive tasks like writing proposals and answering clients.

This isn't a little problem - it's a big one. It stands in the way of your business growing. It makes everything slow down and costs you money.

Automation can fix this problem. It can do these repeat tasks for you. This lets you focus on helping your business grow. You'll have more time and make more money. Automation is a smart choice for any solar business. Read on to learn more about how it can help you.

These tasks eat up the most time for Solar companies managing installations and sales.

1. Client Communication

Many solar business owners spend too much time responding to customer queries and following up on form submissions. Taking too long to reply can mean they’ve shopped around and gone with a quote from another solar company. 

With automation, you can respond to customers all day, within seconds, in a way that is better than a human so that you close more deals with less marketing cost.

2. Appointment Scheduling

Finding a time that works with clients can take time and energy.

By using an automated scheduling tool, you can send them the link, they find a time that works in your calendar and their. It will send reminders and set you off on the right foot.

3. Proposal Creation

Writing proposals for all prospective clients is time consuming and can slow your sales. Automations that can copy text into a template intelligently, without making mistakes and do all of your calculations will make your proposals professional and high-quality.

No more 11pm proposal writing. It can also set up all of your document management.

4. Solar Calculations

Manual solar calculation can cause errors. Mistakes can lead to customer anger and issues.

But with automated solar calculation tools, you guarantee estimates are correct.

5. CRM Updates

Not updating customer relationship management (CRM) systems can create confusion.

Automations can be triggered by stages within the CRM to keep client data up-to-date, which improves customer management.

6. Automated Billing

Manual invoices take a long time and may still have errors. Incorrect bills can lead to client mistrust and cash flow problems. 

Automated invoicing can provide accurate and prompt invoices, which builds client trust.

7. Permit Tracking

Missed permits can stop a project in its tracks.

However, automations can keep pushing permits through, track them and ensure a smooth operation.

8. Inventory Management

Inventory tracking done by hand is neither fast nor reliable. Shortages upset clients and can delay projects.

Automated inventory management can track your inventory better, keeping clients happy.

9. Email Marketing

With automated email campaigns, you make sure clients receive the right emails at the right time.

10. Business Reporting

Manual data analysis and report creation can cause errors. Bad decisions based on wrong data can harm your business.

Automated reporting can give accurate insights, leading to smarter decisions and business growth.

Ready to save hours every day with automation?

We hear you. At Tiny Automation, we understand solar installation companies face numerous challenges daily.

Between managing clients and closing sales, minor tasks accumulate. They can become burdensome and hinder your growth.

That's where our expertise in automation services shines.

We can automate tasks like solar calculations, appointment scheduling, and lead generation. This leaves you more time for the critical aspects of growing your business.

We've already helped numerous solar installation businesses save thousands of hours by eliminating repetitive tasks. Now, we're eager to help you and your team focus on what truly drives your business.

Book a call now. You’ll receive a complimentary automation consultation. It will show you how automation can save your company thousands of hours every year.

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Alistair D
Alistair D

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