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10 Estate Agent Automations that will save 100+ hours per week

Gary P
September 12, 2023
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10 Estate Agent Automations that will save 100+ hours per week

10 Estate Agent Automations that will save 100+ hours per week

You have a great team managing both sales and lettings. But they’re spending a lot of their time on repetitive tasks. 

Things like data entry, listing properties, and client reminders. These tasks take time. This means less time spent on high-value tasks.

Your team could be closing deals. But instead, they're stuck doing repetative, simple tasks. This means missed opportunities. Your competitors are moving fast. They're closing deals while your team is stuck copy and pasting data. This can make your business lose clients. Not because you can't do the work. But because simple tasks are slowing you down.

What if a machine could do these tasks for you?

Automation tools can do many tasks quicker and better than humans. By using automation, your team can focus on what they do best. Like landing more deals and making your hard earned clients happy. 

Automate your mundane tasks. Free your team for the important work.

Here’s 10 of the tasks that eat up the most time for estate agents managing lettings and sales.

1. Email Response Automation

Tackling emails all day can be tiresome. It gets overwhelming, leading to mistakes and missed messages. This might upset clients and harm your reputation. 

However, automated email responses and AI email prioritisation can handle this workload. They allow agents to focus on the ones that matter, and the human aspects - nurturing relationships with clients and prospects.

2. Client Appointment Scheduling

Arranging client appointments can eat up significant time. Much of it spent negotiating timings. This leads to delays and slows down the sales process. 

An online booking tool can streamline this, freeing agents to focus their efforts on building relationships and securing deals.

3. Maintenance Requests

Processing maintenance requests can take up much of your day. A backlog of unresolved requests can lead to unhappy renters. This might harm the agency's reputation and stop clients renewing. 

An automated system can manage these requests efficiently. It allows estate agents to focus on more important tasks.

4. Property Listings

Listing properties manually on different platforms can be tiring. The time spent could be better used for proactive sales activities. Missed or delayed listings may also result in lost opportunities. 

To solve this, you could automate the listings process. This makes sure updates go live simultaneous, saving you effort and time.

5. Follow-Up Automations

Tracking all client interactions for possible follow-ups is hard. Missed follow-ups might result in lost sales and less trust from clients. This could impact new client referrals over time. 

Automated client follow-ups avoid these problems. They improve client trust and increase the rate of conversion.

6. Document Automation

Manually extracting data from different documents is laborious. Mistakes and inaccuracies might lead to legal issues. It can also slow down customer service and lead to wasted hours fixing errors. 

Document automation reduces risk while speeding up the process. It leaves agents with more time to earn revenue.

7. Onboarding Sequences

Onboarding clients can be complex and time-consuming. Too much time spent on paperwork can sour the client's first impression. It might even lead to losing the client before the relationship truly begins. 

Automated onboarding saves time and offers an easy and well structured start for the client. This allows agents to focus on higher value tasks.

8. Client Reminders

Remembering each client's crucial dates is difficult. Forget just one and it might strain the relationship with the client. Over time, this could lead to a loss of business. 

With automated reminders, clients receive essential notifications smoothly. This keeps operations running without extra workload on the agents.

9. Lead Generation in one place

Following up sales and letting leads from 5 different platforms is demanding. Missing even one potential lead, you could miss out on a sale. This could decrease morale and lower overall earnings.

Automated lead generation and putting them into a single spreadsheet or CRM offers an efficient solution. It reduces the chances of missing a future client.

10. Social Media Posting

Keeping your social media platforms updated is not easy. Missed or haphazard posts can lower your online presence. This might lead to lower lead generation and affect your standing in the market. 

Automating posts guarantees a consistent online presence. It enhances lead generation opportunities without sucking up all your time.

Ready to save hours every day with automation?

We get it. At Tiny Automation, we know estate agents have too much on their plate. 

Between renter management and closing deals, small tasks pile up. They can weigh you down and slow your growth.

That's where our automation services come in. We can automate tasks like property listings, document management, and lead generation. This leaves you with more time for important things.

We've already helped plenty of estate agents reclaim hours of their day by eliminating tedious tasks. Now, we'd love to help you and your team focus on what truly matters for your business.

Schedule a call now. You’ll get a free automation consultation session to show you how automation can save you thousands of hours annually.

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